AVM-Seminare zum aktuellen Arbeitsrecht und Sozialrecht
Verlag der Arbeitsrechtlichen Vereinigung München GmbH

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Introduction to German Employment and Labor Law
Especially for Delegates from U.S. Companies

Rechtsanwalt Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht Helmut P. Krause Fachtrainer für Arbeitsrecht Geschäftsführer AVM-Seminare Puchheim bei München     Herbert G. Koch, Ph. D., H. R. Director, Marburg

Attorney at Law, RA Helmut P. Krause,
Specialist for Labor and
Employment Law, Munich


Herbert G. Koch, Ph. D.,
H. R. Director,

Most recent developments in court decisions and legislation

Spend one day for comprehensive training and gain room for maneuver in Human Resources. Be informed about recent labor court decisions and changes in legislation. Your questions will be answered comprehensively and for practical application. During the workshop, you can exchange your experiences with colleagues.
The course language will be English, German can be added, if required. Comprehensive course material is bilingual. The number of participants is limited to 20 persons. Ensure your participation by registering today.
Fax the application form immediately!

Concluding the Individual Labor Contract

  • Legal Basis of employment contract
  • Short term and defined term contracts
  • Daily, monthly and annual working time
  • Remuneration
  • Codetermination of the work's council

During employment

  • Rights and obligations during employment
  • Remuneration without work
  • Continuation of Payment
  • Entitlement to Vacation
  • Employee's rights
  • Liabilities of employers and employees

Dismissal and Termination

  • Alternative routes of dismissal
  • Prerequisites and procedures for dismissal in general
  • Prerequisites and procedures for dismissal of persons with a special protection
  • Warnings and warning letters
  • Employer's reference letter, employee's documents and final agreement
  • Participants' Q and A

Additional topics can be added upon participants' requests. Use this opportunity to exchange your experiences with colleagues!

Learning Objectives

Gain room for maneuver in Human Resources. Be informed about recent labor court decisions and changes in legislation. Learn how to cope with and how to cooperate with the legally required work's council, in order to move your company to where you want it to be.

Who Should Attend?

CEOs, Branch Managers, HR-directors and other executives, supervising employees in Germany. The number of participants is limited to 20 persons.

Registration Fees Tuition?

The workshop fee is EUR 750,- + 16 % MWSt. The fee includes comprehensive bilingual English and German course material, lunch and soft drinks. Participants who post one month before beginning oft the workshop, will receive an early book discount of 10 %. Further 10 % fidelity rebate receives users, who already participated in the year 2003 in one of our seminars. If several participants of a company announce themselfes at the same time, each further user receives a colleague discount from 10%. The log-on can be taken back free of charge until two weeks before beginning of seminar. Afterwards a spare part taker can be designated.

Special conditions for company groups or in-house seminars are available upon request.



Wir beraten Sie bei der Auswahl frei ausgeschriebener / offener Seminare und Schulungen und bei der Konzeption von hausinternen Seminaren / Inhouse-Seminaren zu aktuellen arbeitsrechtlichen Themen wie Arbeitszeitmodelle, Kündigungsschutz, Abfindung, Aufhebungsvertrag, Abwicklungsvertrag, Anfechtung, Befristung, Urlaub, Elternzeit, Teilzeit, Altersteilzeit, Personalmanagement, ergebnisorientierte Vergütungssysteme. BAT, MTArb, Sozialplan, Interessenausgleich, Gestaltung von Arbeitsverträgen, Betriebsverfassungsrecht, kooperative Unternehmensführung ...

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Durch hausinterne Seminare (Inhouse-Schulungen) und frei ausgeschriebene AVM-Seminare zum aktuellen Arbeitsrecht und Sozialrecht immer die richtige Lösung parat bei Kündigung, Aufhebungsvertrag, Befristung, Altersteilzeit ....

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